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Angels Abreast

Penny Cruikshank

Sadly Penny lost her battle with breast cancer in 2011.

Penny was a valued member of DAGC always working quietly in the background. Never complaining, always giving encouragement and looking out for others. Penny’s time on Currumbin Creek was her salvation, she loved the peacefulness, the tranquility and the friendships she formed within our group.She lived for the “pinkies” and all they stand for and was forever looking for ways to help make things easier for our members. Penny loved to paddle in regattas both within Australia and overseas always giving 100%. Many a happy time was spent at Penny and, her husband, Guys home where they hosted many very happy events for our members in their beautiful big backyard. Penny is very much loved & will live within out hearts forever.

Robyn Samuel (Narnie)

Robin Sammel was fondly known as Narnie to all her “pinkie” paddling sisters.
Narnie was a special lady who had a very soft reassuring nature. Always quietly there with a soft word, a hug or a shoulder to lean on. Narnie suffered both breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Never complaining, always full of hope and love. Narnie gained strength & courage from her faith which enabled her to live and enjoy life to the fullest.
Currumbin Creek was for her a place of beauty & tranquility.
Narnie once said ” I always thought Angels wore white and had wings. I now know that they come wearing bright pink, beating drums and paddling dragon boats”
We were her angels who helped her through the tough times. She is now our guardian Angel who watches over us from above.
Forever loved and missed by all at DAGC.

Merri O’Donoghue (Holly)

Merri, fondly known as “Holly” was thrilled to meet and join up with her fellow BC survivor sisters. She was a wonderful asset to DAGC. Merri considered the “pinkies her extended family, knowing that she was loved by all. Merri
had a very caring nature and was there supporting others at all times. She was an avid paddler who was determined to keep paddling for as long as possible.
Merri enjoyed the friendly rivalry between our sister clubs on regatta days. Her proudest moment was the day she accepted the trophy that her DAGC team had won in the Mt Warning Regatta at Murwillumbah. She was so very proud and happy to be a part of the winning  team.
Sadly, Merri lost her battle with BC in 2010 she was still determined to get back into the boat right up to the very end.
Merri is missed by all her fellow paddlers.

Lesley Burgess

We sadly lost Lesley in 2009 after she suffered a recurrence of Breast Cancer.
Lesley was a long time member who joined DAGC in the early years. She loved to participate in regatta’s throughout Australia as well as overseas. She enjoyed life to the fullest and was enthusiastic in promoting BC awareness.Lesley was a very willing committee member and fund raiser.
Lesley is missed by all who knew & loved her.

Nancy Dow

Nancy was a member of DAGC in the very early days soon after we formed. She travelled from Murwillumbah to train each week.
Nancy loved the company she found within our group and she was a dedicated member who was always there with a helping hand and a word of encouragement to all. Nancy enjoyed her travel to regattas & being in a winning boat. She was a delight to be with. Her determination and strength were inspiring. Nancy was a beautiful artist who found peace while painting. Sadly Nancy lost her battle with cancer only months after joining DAGC.
She is sadly missed by all who knew her.