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What is Dragon Boat Racing


Dragon boat racing is a traditional Chinese sport that has been popular for over 2000 years. In 1984 Sydney hosted the inaugural Sydney Dragon Boat Festival and the International Dragon Boat Federation was formalized in 1991. There are over 50 million people worldwide who regularly hop in a dragon boat. It is a sport for all ages and crosses all cultural divides bringing people together around the globe.

Team Sport

Dragon Boating is an awesome team sport in which 10 or 20 paddlers sit two abreast with a drummer at the front and a sweep steering the boat from the stern.

Races generally take place over 200 or 500 metres, although there are some longer events held during the year.


Dragon Boating is an affordable and accessible sport. A yearly membership fee which covers membership of Dragons Abreast Gold Coast, Dragons Abreast Australia and Dragon Boat Queensland. Contact us for more information.

All year round events

We hold three training sessions a week and you have the opportunity to participate at regattas both in Southern Queensland and Northern NSW. There is also the opportunity to compete at state, national and international levels.